input splitter-->root macro patch

public an input splitter directly in the root macro patch from wherever you are...?

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In the Menu?

Do you mean an option in the menu when you right-click/ctrl-click? This would be handy.

Also, a "Publish-to-root" option that would publish a port all the way up to the root patch would be cool too, I think.

Modifying these menus would be ... tricky :) not sure how possible either of these are :(

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Publish to root !

Yes I think all the day to this....:) Very efficient option to keep time !

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Spooky ... ?

Isn't the Spooky send/receive working in this situation ?

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it works here, but I wish it was easier to publish to the root node without needing to resort to a plugin to hack around it to save a few minutes.