multiple wii inputs

i've recently started using the public beta of the wiimote patch for (another!) light tagging installation ( to great success i might add (all hail the mighty kineme!). the only thing is that we've mounted the thing in an actual spraycan. this means we can't use the camera, so we're using a 2nd wiimote to get the position data.

now i've managed to get it to work, having each wiimote link up in a separate patch and sending data to the main patch using midi. but the pairing is still rather hit or miss. sometimes one throws the other out, sometimes they both pair to the same patch (giving very unexpected results, very cool if you like weird glitchy stuff).

anyway, my request is to be able to pair multiple wiimotes. perhaps by each one having its output available in a structure?


apparently this is solved with the latest update! another episode of those 'look around before you ask' i guess... hey at least one of the feature requests is done now!