open file window patch

Tired to drop files in the terminal to get the exact path...and copy paste to input path in patches... What about a simple patch that open a regular apple" load file window" (with a checked bolean) to browse thru volumes...and output a file path..:)

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Sounds like...

This sounds a bit like my private debug patches (give it strings for class and method, and it outputs the method address for easier disassembly, or window enumeration patches, etc) :) But this would be useful to ordinary users too :) Shouldn't be too hard; I'll see what I can do (so swamped right now with projects...)

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Maybe use a data folder?

I was getting headaches with the file paths too. Now, I'm just creating a project type structure for each composition. I have a root composition, and a folder called 'data' in the same location. All media, other patches etc. go in there. Then the path is always "data/filename.qtz" or similar.

If you're sharing patches between projects, it might be worth a nice heirarchy to organise things, with different types of media and patches in appropriate folders, and your compositions in a comps/ folder? Then the path would be "../media/film.mp4" or whatever.

Some patches do have a file browser btw - the composition loader has an option to configure itself to a file, which opens one.

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/A/ folder

i personnally ended up by creating a /A/ folder on my root drive, and putting everything in it... a poor'man's trick...