How to break backwards compatability

To be more well-behaved, we need to break backward compatibility briefly while we change namespace. Specifically, we need to prefix all our plugins with "Kineme" to keep them separate from other patches people may write.

Transparently change the composition when loaded, warn the user
38% (3 votes)
Keep the old stuff, and warn the user when they use it
38% (3 votes)
Do a clean break, but keep the old stuff for a while
13% (1 vote)
Do a clean break; No old stuff
13% (1 vote)
Don't change: you've taken the namespace, might as well keep it
0% (0 votes)
Total voters: 8

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Transparently change the composition when loaded

Sorry for the late addition. I've discovered a way to have the plugin transparently update old patches when the composition is loaded. This was looking impossible a day ago. It'll require a re-save to keep the changes, but that's about it. Working on forcing the composition to be edit-dirty too, to make this more intuitive.