Kineme Subscriptions: Poll Results

A week ago we posted a poll asking your thoughts about how we can financially justify spending inordinate amounts of time on the Kineme project. Thanks for your responses — we listened.

The first place winner was "Site Advertisements" — so we're now seeking advertising partners. Please contact Beth if you're interested in placing an ad on

Second, we've set up PayPal Donations. There's a new menu item the left: Donation. Be Sure to Donate Early and Often.

We're also working on a system for pledging projects, and an improved Feature Request system.

Coming in last place with zero votes was "Don't change anything; I'm secretly a Windows/Linux user".... So we're not planning a Windows port anytime soon. :^)

Let us know what you think — leave a comment!

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Pledging projects

About pledging projects, what would be the price for a custom plugin ? Could users team up to boost the total amount of cash avaiable for a project ? How to evaluate the time you would spend on it ? I Am really interested. (got plenty of projects under my sleeve)

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I'm not certain on the details ("Don't ask me, I just work here"), but I believe that pledging is entirely so that multiple users could boost a project. This is opposite of 'commissioned' patches, where one user sponsors its development.

I don't know if time estimates are included in pledges (they are for commissioned ones sometimes?) What are some of your thoughts? I've heard some discussion of a modification to the voting system, where you vote with a certain amount via escrow or something.

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well, i just browsed the requests, and thought that some could team up to boost the development of , say, a 3D object loader, for instance. I would rather give some money for something specific, that is usefull to me, than giving a monthly donation for plugins i don't use that much. Escrow seems a good way. Funny, escrow is some kind of gangster in french. Are you the guy to connect for commissioning a project ? , as the same questions apply (fees, timetable...)

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The Five Year Plan for Pledging Projects

I'm thinking the hypothetical "pledging project" system would work something like this:

  1. User submits a feature request. (this already exists on

  2. The crew (cwright and smokris) work with the user to refine the feature request into something both the user and understand thoroughly and are satisfied with.

  3. The crew determines a price (in USD) and time (in days) for implementation, and announces the feature request on the front page of Any number of users may then pledge money for this specific feature. "Pledging" is defined as "submitting a PayPal payment".

  4. A running total of pledged money for the feature request will be shown on the feature request page. When the sum of all users' pledge money for this feature exceeds the price set by the crew, the crew starts work on the project and announces the deadline. The deadline would be approximately the date the pledge is met plus the number of days estimated in phase 2, possibly adding a few days depending on our (unrelated) workload and holiday schedules.

  5. On or before the established deadline, the crew publishes a release-grade plugin on, including MIT-licensed* source code. Betas may be published before this date.

* (There may be some cases where we can't use the MIT license due to license incompatibility with other opensource software that we'd need to use in the project. In either case, the source code license will be clearly specified during phase 2.)

If for some reason the crew is unable to complete the feature as described, or if the price is not met within 14 days of opening for pledges, all pledges are refunded and we go back to the drawing board.

Thoughts on this proposal?

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Good plan

I totally agree with that proposal, it sounds good. Apologies for the 'slightly late' reply though, seems I missed this page :)

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Let us think

In the poll I vote for Easier Plug In Commission system. It is because it will help to circulate our amount very faster. Continue with these kind of polls my wishes.