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Release: MIDI Tools, v20071228

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071228
Release Notes

This update addresses a few more issues with patches in and out of iterators.

The previous beta fixed a couple patches to work inside iterators. Unfortunately, this also caused them to stop working outside iterators. This was noted by .lov.. This has been addressed in this Beta.

I've also recreated the project from the latest Leopard template, rather than continuing to try updating the old Tiger/Leopard project it was based in. This means it may not work in Tiger out of the box. If this is a problem, let me know and I'll tweak it to work in Tiger from this project.

Important Note: The plugin is now called "MIDITools.plugin" not "MIDIPatch.plugin". You'll need to remove the MIDIPatch.plugin for this one to get properly loaded.

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.lov.'s picture
it works!

Sorry, but i just now can test it. It works fine on my MB with 10.5.1.

Thanks a lot!

cwright's picture
Cool, thanks!

Thanks for testing (and for finding the bug in the first place :)

.lov.'s picture

You're welcome:) My vj app with kineme plugins coming soon:)

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MIDI ready for production?

I don't have any midi devices to test these patches anywhere near where real users would, so I'm curious to know if anyone has had any problems with this release, or if I should go ahead and make a production release of MIDI tools.


jean_pierre's picture
failure to launch

given the limitations of apple's MIDI patches, these appear to be feature-galore. sadly though, i cannot seem to get them to work.

adding a global input MIDI note patch and just dumping the velocity value to the screen, i can't for the life of me manage to conjure any data out of it. in the same composition i have a normal MIDI notes Receiver that is listening to the same channel and that works (though i take exception to their octave stuff) so i'm certain there is data coming across that channel. sure the note value could be off, but i used an LFO to even walk the integral value range (0-127) while holding all notes in an octave and still, nothing.

any ideas what i could be doing wrong? this works on leopard yeah? are there any example compositions that make use of these patches that i could poke around with and learn more? is the source for the plugins floating around?

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works in leopard

People have successfully used this patch in leopard. Hopefully someone who uses it can chime in with their notes.

Have you checked the console (Console.app) for any interesting messages? perhaps it's failing in some weird way.

Did you start the midi app before QC (I'm not sure if the patch still recognizes new inputs that are created after the patch is...)

I'll try to find some sample compositions, and some setup instructions. Might take a bit; I don't use these patches, so stuff with it always gets archived immediately :)

The source for the midi plugins is a bit questionable (smokris has hinted at parts of the code being questionably licensed), so providing that isn't possible (for me, at least) right now. I'll try to figure out more and let you know.

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newer version

Also, you may want to try the newest beta, found at http://kineme.net/MIDITools20080205beta

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cheers, i had been using an

cheers, i had been using an older version from late 2007 - i'll give this a shot tonight and report my findings.

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)