project ruori uses Kineme QC plugins at electro-music performances

photo from project ruori's performance at electro-music 2006project ruori used Kineme's plugins for Quartz Composer at the 2006 and 2007 electro-music events as critical parts of their visual stage presence, which was integrated with the musical centerpiece of their performance.

The unique style of video projection they use is based on Kineme's soon-to-be-released network distributing application for Quartz Composer, which allows the user to drag video clips into a 2x4 matrix that maps each clip to a fader controller and also sends each clip to one of two Mac Minis, each of which is attached to and controls a projector. This allows one user to easily control all eight clips and both projectors from a single drag-and-drop interface on one computer, opening up visually complex possibilities while maintaining operational simplicity.

For the 2006 performance, project ruori also made use of a custom Quartz Composer patch that allowed closed-caption-style subtitles to be triggered line-by-line in realtime.

An action shot of both patches in use: