The Framework portion of the KinemeCore project.

Release: KinemeCoreFramework, v20071212

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071212
Release Notes

Some small API changes to better support upgrading. Added some audio infrastructure (not currently used), and some very basic 3D port stuff (also not used -- soon! :)

You'll normally get this as port of the KinemeCore Plugin, so don't worry about picking it up here unless you see weird messages in, or the KinemeCore Plugin fails to load for some reason (if this happens, please let me know what the console log says.)

If you want to install this manually, you'll need to place it in /Library/Frameworks/

Release: KinemeCoreFramework, v20071110

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071110
Release Notes

First independent release of KinemeCore Framework. Mostly QC Headers at this point, to simplify QC Custom Patch building.

This is included in KinemeCorePlugin 20071110, so you should only get this via automatic update, not manually.