MIDI Tools

MIDI Tools

Release: MIDI Tools, v20071211

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071211
Release Notes

This update to the Global MIDI Beta removes some stale ports and adds some debugging messages to help diagnose connection issues. Messages are visible in Console.app, and should give a fairly verbose break down of what it's (not?) doing when connecting/disconnecting.

(please make sure the 'inputPortFilter' input is empty/unattached in your compositions before upgrading, otherwise you might run into problems)

Release: MIDI Tools, v20071204

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071204
Release Notes

Initial public Leopard port of the Original Kineme Plugin's Global MIDI Patches (with lame string filtering). Some lucky users have actually been playing with various incarnations of this for a month or two now, but now it's official :)

Plugins include:

  • Global MIDI Input Note
  • Global MIDI Input CC
  • Global MIDI Output Note
  • Global MIDI Output CC
  • Global MIDI Clock

If the input filter is blank, all MIDI Sources are matched (making them global by default).