Release: DataTools, v1.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.0
Release Notes

Source code is available on GitHub.

  • new Array Patch
  • new Structure Equal Patch
  • new Structure Combine Patch
  • new Structure Push Patch
  • new Structure Pop Patch
  • new Structure Breakout Patch
  • new MultiExpression Patch
  • new Sample & Hold Patch
    • preserves value when composition is stopped
    • preserves value when composition is saved / reopened
    • doesn't handle QCMeshes or Kineme3DMeshes yet
    • doesn't handle infinite images
  • new Order Patch
  • incorporated Spooky Send/Receive
  • incorporated StructureTools
  • incorporated ValueHistorian
  • fixed memory leaks with the old Spooky patches
  • change StructMaker to generate an array when in indexed mode (instead of numeric keys, which don't preserve order)
  • improved value historian patch
    • now plays back short events (keyboard presses, mouse buttons, etc) more reliably
    • now records other data types (structures, images, etc)
      • doesn't handle QCMeshes or Kineme3DMeshes
      • doesn't handle infinite images

Known Issues

Kineme StructureTools, Kineme Value Historian, and Kineme Spooky must be uninstalled to use Kineme DataTools.

Release: QuartzBuilder, v1.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.3
Release Notes

Changes since QuartzBuilder 1.2

  • Added option to store values of published input parameters between built application launches (net.kineme.qb.saveInputParameters composition key).
  • Added option to force aspect ratio on built application window (net.kineme.qb.aspectRatio composition key).
  • Added option to stop rendering composition when built application loses focus (net.kineme.qb.pauseWhenUnfocused composition key).
  • Added ability to copy from / paste into the published parameters window of built applications.
  • Added option to select the architecture of the built application (32-bit/64-bit universal, 64-bit-only, or 32-bit-only). If plugins required by the built application are 32-bit-only or 64-bit-only, the architecture is selected automatically.
  • QuartzBuilder now automatically reloads compositions after they’ve been edited and saved in the Quartz Composer Editor.
  • Fixed issue with using registered Kineme plugins in built applications.
  • Fixed issue where file timestamps in built applications were incorrect.
  • QuartzBuilder is now Intel-only — both the application itself and built applications.

Known Issues

  • To build an application that contains 32-bit-only plugins, you must run QuartzBuilder in 32-bit mode. (To choose a 32-bit-only architecture for the built application, you do not need to run QuartzBuilder in 32-bit mode.)

Release: Kineme3D, v1.5

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.5
Release Notes

Changes since Kineme3D 1.4

  • Added ability to load models containing duplicate object names (such as .dae models exported from Google SketchUp).

Release: Kineme3D, v1.4

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.4
Release Notes

Changes since Kineme3D 1.3

  • Added Normalize All input to 3D Object Loader to normalize the entire model when it contains multiple objects. (The existing Normalize input normalized each object in the model separately.)

Release: VideoTools, v2.1

Release Type: Production
Version: 2.1
Release Notes

Changes since VideoTools 2.0

  • Added support for OS X 10.7 to QuickTime Player patch. (Other patches already support OS X 10.7.)
  • Added H.264 support to Video Player patch.
  • Added support for AVT Guppy F503C firewire camera to Video Input patch.

Known issues

  • H.264 videos stutter when played backwards.
  • VideoTools patches provide only video input, not audio input.
  • Firewire cameras only support certain combinations of Color Coding, Resolution, and Framerate. Watch the Error output and Console log when troubleshooting.
  • Due to issues with the underlying frameworks, video device info cannot be queried once a video device is in use. Therefore Video Device Info is only updated once: when the composition is first started.