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I'm having trouble to display 2 exported applications in two different displays plugged to one single macmini. The mini has two screens each connected to a DVI and a mini display-vga port. I'm using the fullscreen option in the builder template plus the fullscreen Display screen in the advanced settings in QuartzBuilder. I expect to see one app in Display 1 and the other app in Display 2 but both are sent to the same display. It looks like display 1 is sending the app to a secondary screen. The apps are simple looping slideshows so i'm not worried about performance etc.... simply show each app in each display.

If I select fullscreen in the template and nothing in QuartzBuilder settings the app grows to fit the screen but still has visible menus and a top bar plus the Dock is still there. If I choose fullscreen in the template and Display 1 in QB then the app goes to the second display in full screen. If I choose nothing in the template and nothing in the advanced settings of QB then I get a small window in display 1 with part of the composition.

thanks for any advice.

Here the mini display details: QuartzBuilder Version 1.2 (20091020)

NVIDIA GeForce 9400:

Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 Type: GPU Bus: PCI VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0861 Revision ID: 0x00b1 ROM Revision: 3362

Displays: SyncMaster: Resolution: 1080 x 1920 @ 60 Hz Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Rotation: 90 Television: Yes

SDM-HS75: Resolution: 1024 x 1280 @ 75 Hz Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Mirror: Off Online: Yes Rotation: 90 Adapter Type: Mini DisplayPort To VGA Adapter Adapter Firmware Version: 1.03

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Re: quartz builder screens

Using just 1 app, what happens with different Display settings (Display 1-3) in the Advanced Settings section? do all three go to the same screen?

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Re: quartz builder screens

i havent tried the new version of QB with multiple monitors yet but i think you would select full screen in your template and leave the QB advanced settings on disabled so app1 goes to your main screen, then app2 go full screen in the template and go display1 in QB, then app3 would do the same as app2 but go to display 2 making full screen apps on all three screens. i guess in your case you have 2 screens so disabled full screen set to borderless should put your app to the main screen as long as you have full screen selected in the template then display one borderless for your second screen.

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Re: quartz builder screens

We don't follow "display" parlance, since it's not particularly intuitive (though we may be in the wrong here) - Display 1 (in QB) is the Main Display, with Display 2 being the Second Display (somehow, that makes more sense to me than Display 1 being the Second Display...)

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Re: quartz builder screens

Here the Monday's testing results:

All tested apps do go fullscreen in Display 1 being Display 1 the second display I have in my system. Never full screen in the "main display"

If I use the template option only the app stays in the main display but it doesn't get bigger than the "default window dimensions" ( about 640 by 480 )

If I use the borderless option the app grows to fit the screen but the top menu and the dock remain there over the app.

I have also used the different window level options without success.

I think I may have the wrong Quartz Builder Template or... may have a problem with my own system since I'm not using the latest quartz framework... or whatever.

I am attaching here the template file I have in my system... If you could please have a look... perhaps it is an old template although I installed it from the dialog in quartzbuilder version 1.2.

I also attach a simple composition ("fromtemplate") made from one of the quartz composer templates. This one is set to full screen in the template without advanced settings in QB. It opens a small window in the center of my main display. Any other display setting will make it full screen but in the second display.

Thanks again.

PS.. i tested in both macmini and macbookpro.


fromtemplate.qtz79.26 KB
fromtemplate.app_.zip210.77 KB

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quartz builder in two screens


Just want to retake the topic and ask if someone can replicate the scenario. I haven't managed to have 2 full-screen-apps in two displays running on one single macmini. I'm using both Minidisplay port and miniDVI outputs. There is one display attached to each port. Each app should run on each display.

QuatrzBuilder gives me the options to set each app in full screen. One app is set to run in Display 1 the other in Display 2 but they both seem to prefer the second display.

Perhaps the fullscreen display feature simply doesn't work on a macmini with two displays. (???)

Thanks again for any advice.


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Re: quartz builder in two screens

This could be a bug.

  • make a very simple composition
  • use QB to make it fullscreen on Display 1
  • launch it -- does it start on your main display, or the second display?

If the latter happens (it goes to the second display), it's bug, so please submit the composition, the QC configuration, and possibly the app to info@kineme.net for testing/bug fixing.

If it's the former, it sounds like a configuration error somewhere.

Please do NOT:

  • make 57 compositions, one for each particular screen
  • make each of those compositions depend upon the others for functionality
  • make each of those compositions use more than 15 patches
  • submit the whole mess to kineme and expect results :)

There have been a couple reports of this bug, but no conclusive demo of it yet.

A possible workaround is to change the Display 1 composition to just set Full Screen from the template, and not use the Display setting.

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Re: quartz builder in two screens


I posted the testing apps in a previous reply... just above this post. I'll send them by e-mail.

The very simple app using QB fullscreen-display-1-setting hates my display 1 and rushes to display 2.

The second very simple app with the full screen option from the template runs in the main display but never fullscreen... it still has window borders. The only workaround at this moment is to actually run the compositions in two full screen Viewers directly in QComposer.... without exporting them using the super nice and unique QB !


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Re: quartz builder in two screens

try combining fullscreen with a borderless window -- a bordered window cannot go fullscreen.

(the display 1 thing not working is a bug, but hopefully the above will be a satisfactory workaround)

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Re: quartz builder screens

I have confirmed that there is some sort of definite weirdness going on with assigning QB apps to specific displays. I'm not sure if it's from how OS X numbers screens or something more arcane, but I generated 7 QB apps from the same composition, assigning each of them a different display, starting at Display 2, going to Display 8. 2,3 and 4 show up on the proper screens with no issue, but 5,6,7 and 8 will show up on 2,3 or 4's screen.

I haven't had a chance to delve too deeply into it, but I plan on getting some more information.

Just FYI, this is on a Mac Pro 3,1 with 4 ATI HD 2600's, each display connected to a separate DVI port.

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Re: quartz builder in two screens

I found that by Changing the Window Level Setting to Screensaver or Shield (in Window Outputs Macro) and setting to borderless in Qbuilder, it will go to proper fullscreen.

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Re: quartz builder in two screens


Have you solved this problem? We are having the exact saem problem with the same machine!

thanks in advance,


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Re: quartz builder in two screens

I also had this problem. Could not make an application go fullscreen on the main screen with two displays connected. So this is what I did using Maym's tip.

Application 1 (Main Screen)

In Quartz Builder settings:

  • - Window size 1920x1080 (or whatever your screen resolution is)
  • - Borderless
  • - Fullscreen Display Screen disabled

In Quartz Composer with the QB template

  • - Window Level Setting: Shield or Screensaver

Application 2 (Secondary display)

In Quartz Builder settings:

  • - Fullscreen (any display seemed to work, but I used Display 2)