MeshLab Shaders Collection

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The release yesterday, the 16th of February , of Mesh Lab version 1.3, prompted me to return to a back burnered project to port the shaders used in MeshLab into Quartz Composer.

All but ambient occlusion proved to be capable of porting and were a pretty trivial task too.

Utilising the v002 Model Importer to import and render .ply meshes and all those colours and such came to life more vivdly and easily than was achievable with the use of .dae.

A really amazing plugin, the v002 Model Importer; I'm just beginning to be captious of its full potential. I'm looking forward to getting some sweet animations done.

I've packaged up the results of my work, including the .dae , .ply , .mlp and .gts files to run the project [.mlp] from within MeshLab, an incredibly useful program.

One really wonderful thing about the v002 Model Importer plugin is that meshes can be rendered from so many formats, without having to use .dae .

The shader collection is as follows:-

















I'd be interested to know if these also work well on 10.5.x. I think they should, but perhaps I'm not apprehending some lack of backwards compatibility. They don't test to Leopard runtime correctly.

Much thanks and appreciation to vade and also to the MeshLab development team, especially Massimiliano Corsini.

I'm also pretty delighted to discover how well Quartz Composer snapshots with transparency to.png, hithertofore most of my rendering snapshots have been of full area renders :-).

[who knew that?] - yeah, you! [who didn't know that?] - yeah, me! [who else..]

Mesh Renderer - Scaling Limits - ?

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Anyone got an absolute idea as to what the limits are for scaling down a Mesh Renderer patch?

I ask as I've just had a crash that seems to be totally related to using very small scaling [0.0004 and lower], worked for a while, then crashed whilst scaling a dynamic mesh.

Static meshes seem far too stable for this to occur, but your mileage and experience may well vary.

Sound Square

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Just an excerpt from an ongoing personal project - a simple 3 * 3 sound grid.

Available via

SoundSquare 2.4MB download.

Viewable [soon] on vimeo @ http://vimeo.com/10815181.

Kineme3D - latest release

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Fantastic, a truly 10.6.x conformant, in my working experience, release of Kineme 3D.

It doesn't spit its dummy out, it renders well in Quartz Crystal.

Even structure_explode takes less than 2 minutes for a 10 second clip in Quartz Crystal.

I think I'll create a little demo album just in honour of this release on YouTube - so good.

Hope you don't mind an unofficial video release GT :-) - as yours did render well - you'll get tagged :-) [ or removed from album if you so wish it]

I'm still to see just what the Open Asset Import support will extend to, pretty thrilled that .dae render from file path works AOK now.

The little .md2 animations even work in Quartz Crystal - brilliant.