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Just a heads up for all you exciting users.

I, cwright, am starting an exciting new journey at a company located in Cupertino, California, on Monday, February 1st, 2010. You can probably guess what I'll be working on ;)

So, depending on how permissions work out, I might be silent here for a while. However, I will certainly be plastering QC propaganda on the mailing list, and will try to post it here too, of course.

DLSSynth AU Component QC Plug-In

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this is a Roland DLS synthesizer plugin for quartz composer. DLS stands for "downloadable sound font" this plugin loads apples default DLS component and runs it through a spatial reverb unit. more of these to come soon.

i'm working on a component host plugin for qc as well, that eventually will let you host audio units, record audio, add effect units plus do 3d spatial mix downs.

the next step for me is to make some core audio unit node plugins that can be strung together as well as make some basic components for sine waves, square waves, etc....

so this is just the basic initial exploration into using quartz composer with core audio units. it seems to work good, but be careful of overloading the plugin or you will get bad frame rates. i suggest using the pulse patch. check out the example....hit the space bar to make music.

i built this plugin for my computer in 10.6 x86_64 but audio components are much older than QC so you will be able to build the source to what ever machine your running.

V2..... custom path.

your bank path looks like this.


make sure to include the file and extension.

kDLSSynth AU Component Player. So this version is more of a generic AU DLSSynth player. The bank path is fully working and tested with a .dls file. The synth still loads up system with the original Roland DLS System Synth. Enter a path to your custom DLS or SoundFont bank and viola you got a QC Sampler. In order to load your custom DLSSynth you need to stop the viewer and start it again in order for the Plugin to load a new DLS.

try my custom DLS Scratch kit. i would make lots more of these DLS Synths but I want to add more features to the plugin. Like component loading from a path and multiple configurable Effect Units.

Snow Leopard and Leopard update Performance Update 1.0

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Snow Leopard and Leopard update Performance Update 1.0 is now available - addressing hard drive - performance freeze issues - see - just might help with some , but probably by no means all reported freeze up issues.

Does require a restart.

N-Body.qtz - not working on iMac 24"

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The Apple Developer Example N-Body.qtz simply doesn't work whatsoever at all in QC, even after applying the recently posted tip from Steve Elbows [thanks for that tip, Steve].

It may be a hardware related issue and I have posted the automatic crash report to Apple.

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem with this item.

GT gave us a detailed many bases post about various aspects of QC4, and mentioned N-Body as being pretty active.

An experience I am as yet to share :-(