ArtNet sender structure input

ArtNet Sender structure input bug


The ArtNet structure input receives the structure from Queue patches but does not send it in proper form, we have checked it with lights connected. It does send the structure from Kineme Structure Maker patches.

Steps to Reproduce: 1.Connect the output of Queue/Queue structure in parallel patch to the structure input of ArtNet sender 2.The ArtNet does not digest the number indexed under "0"

Expected Results: Sending structure to the Ethernet receiver in full form

Actual Results: Shows the structure but does not send it properly, it skips the first input indexed as "0" so the whole structure is shifted by -1. When a pre-mad structure consisting RGB Alpha & flash(5 inputs), the whole structure misses red.

Regression: Checked on Snow Leopard

Notes: The structure differs with the indexing number being in brackets ( ) instead " ", it can be corrected with javascript.