Audio Input

RFID Audio Trigger

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Hi all, I'm trying to build an install for an event that I'm running and I'm struggling to come up with a solution, I'll try my best to explain.

8 Screens looping videos with RFID readers attached 8 sets of headphones for people to pick up (colour coded) 8 RFID Cards colour coded to match the headphones When a delegate taps the RFID card on the screen, the audio from that screen plays in the headphones with the same colour code as the card.... and thats it!

I have access to an Echo Audiofire 12 and can use numerous desktops/laptops raspberry pi's etc, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Make an exact frequency analysis (Spectrum)

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Hi, yesterday I tried to make some audio visualization not by midi, but by frequency analysis. I used the spectrum of the Audio Input and made some parameters variations of a shape. Then, the problem is that the spectrum give so many values, and they are not stable at all, they change so fast that the shape looks like "nervous". Also if you download of the many tutorials of how to make a sound spectrum, or frequency analysis, you can see that the bars are never really still, i mean they continue to move also if you send the auido by line in. Thats cause the spectrum gives so many values and they change so fast.

Someone know how to fix that?

Thank you jaco