sound analyze during a quartz crystal render

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hello! i have sound reacting composition and i would like to do a render(in quartz crystal) on music track. is that somehow possible? can i analyze music track in different way than use audio input? thx in advance

Audio Tools in Lighting patch bug

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Maybe I've just missed something here that's already been noticed but if I set the Lighting Macro Patch to use the Shadow colour the Audio Tools plugin literally stops working at all :-(, weird.

Suggested Audio Input Device

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Hey guys,

So, I posted a few months ago about how I was having issues with the audio buffer with the Audio Input patch... on a machine that used Audio Input whilst playing music through the same device, the music would get the same artifacts as when the audio buffer is maxing out...

Anyways, the synopsis was "it's got to be the device you're using". So, I tested it with another device, and it's doing the same thing.

What I'm wondering is, what devices does this work with?

What I need: A device with 8 audio inputs and at least 6 audio outputs, that can use all 8 audio inputs with the Kineme Audio Input patch, as well as handling the routing of audio...

So, here's the thing, again... when I do this using Max/MSP, my current hardware boxes (a Metric Halo Mobile i/O and my buddies MOTU that I tested) have no problem... no audio buffer issues. However, both tweak out when I use Kineme Audio Input.

We've gotten around the issue by having a separate computer for audio and visuals, but I need to find a solution to use with a single laptop for an upcoming event.


"Waveform" Structure.. what does that data represente

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I'm just looking at the output of the Kineme Audio File, in Particular the 'Waveform' structure..

What does the data in that structure represent?