Fluid Volumetric Lighting

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damn video compression ruining my glimmering fluid light rays. ;(

so this patch is ridiculously difficult to get a good audio reactive render in realtime. although you may not see so well with the video. i seem if only pseudo to achieve fluid simulated lighting in 3d with qc...

(from vimeo:)

this is a fluid light simulation. the inspiration for this came from the peculiar way dust and light interact with each other... like when the early morning sun rays stretch across your room and you can see the dust particles floating around in ray fluidly ....

not entirely sure if i captured the essence of my intended inspirations. i like how the light washes in.... with occlusion. it is audio reactive as the audio is the end bit of a track i'm working on called "Rise Above"

the patch needs a bit cleaning and is a derivative of a dev patch so i'm not posting to the repo. hopefully someone can get some nice offline renders with this...

10.6.2 is out so lets rant about it

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The post I hoped I wouldnt have to make but Apple messed up in a way I find hard to excuse.

Trying to choose a mesh template from the wizard causes QC to crash, even on machine with suitable GPU.

Some existing compositions that use meshes dont work anymore, no crash but rather an empty space where the mesh should be.

Some mesh compositions may still work (eg apple example that is called Mesh Filters.qtz).

I havent narrowed down the exact nature of which mesh stuff still works as Im too tired today, maybe I made a mistake about these latter problems but the Mesh Filter template crash is a cert.

Only positive thing I have to say is that some other uses of CL in QC now seem to be working on CPU (on machines with unsuitable GPU) without having to tick that hidden preference.