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GLTools + El Capitan -

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I heard/read that El Capitan, in general the newest OSX version, they don´t like each others, possibly they don´t work at all.

Can someone confirm me that is not possible to install GLTools master on El Capitan? I did not find anything on the web that says it.

I downloaded the QCPatchXcodeTemplate-master, in order to instal the GLTools-master. All right, but when I click on GLTool.xcodeproj (as the github description says "to Build") I have receive 2 errors (see the screen shot). Plus i can´t use all the patches while working in QC, (for example the Polygon Mode that I would like to check).

Thank you very much, and sorry If maybe this topic sounds too simple... I´m a newbie! Am I doing something wrong?

I´m running Xcode 6.4, apparently the only one working with El Capitan.