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File Tools 10.9 32 or 64 bit mode

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The File Tools plug in either has not installed successfully or else it does not match up with 10.9.5 Build 13F25. Net result is that the example compositions does not raise the FTSavePanelPatch or the FTOpenPanelPatch.

File Tools Open&Save File Question

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I'm trying to work out the Kineme File Tools Open & Save panels functionality - for my purposes I need to open a .txt or .csv file of a list of values, interrogate & visualise them somehow (details aren't important), and then save my altered/selected values to a new file - preferably a .txt or .csv file, rather than a .plist, as I will submit that file to further computation in python (& the .plist contains all sorts of extraneous xml metadata I don't need).

I can open a file fine, but can't work out the save panel - it won't actually create a new file that I can give a 'save as' name to & then save to the file.

Is this a security limitation of Kineme File Tools (the tooltips seem to allude to this)?

I have successfully written to a pre-existing .txt file for output, using Kineme Text File Writer in other comps I've made, but I really want to be able to call up a dialogue box & simply create and save to a new file.

I guess I must be missing something somewhere?? Or perhaps it's best to do this via Xcode & expose the comp to modal dialogues that way...??? I am a total noob to Xcode, but happy to give it a crack. Quartz Builder would be easier it seems, but even that hasn't helped me so far.

Thanks in advance for any tips! :)

Here's an example comp - it 'should' (in my imagination) open a text file (doc1.txt), grab the first value from a list, then be able to save that to a new text file.

PS: running OSX10.9.4, Xcode 5.1.1, QC 4.6 2014 release, Kineme Plugins & Origami.

Saving settings to a text file and restoring them. (Composition by

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
Date: 2011.07.26
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:
Kineme File Tools

This composition shows one way to save and restore a few numeric input values for a Cube Renderer Patch.

It has published boolean inputs in lieu of command buttons and you can toggle them either way to trigger a pulse to execute that command.

It has primitive error handling on the file loading, just checking for all 6 inputs as non-zero values. You can check the error handling by 1. opening the text file ("my_crazy_cube_settings.txt" gets saved in same folder as composition) 2. deleting some values and save 3. attempting to reload the file by toggling the Restore File input.

Hope you have the AGBook-Stencil font or the screen text will no doubt default to something ugly ;-)

N.B. If you want to use my settings file (you can easily write you own by triggering a Write File event) download it here


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HI all.

I´m going on tour with a show in Europe and I need to make subtitles in diferent languages that will be screened for the audience in sync with a mov playing (sepparate displays).

So I have this subtitle file .xls file I´ve pulled out of DVDsp:

00:05:54:21 , 00:05:57:14 , I don't understand it 00:05:58:01 , 00:06:00:07 , Time flies so fast 00:06:00:07 , 00:06:04:06 , that it almost stands still

etc..I have about 1000 lines

So first I need to build something QC understands. I´ve been trying to export into .cvs then convert to .plist with

But I get a plist that yelds nothing in Kineme Structure from file.

So in short: how do I make a structure in QC from an excel file?

File Tools for Snow Leopard?

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I just want to know if there are any plans in the near future to fix File tools for Snow leopard?