GLTools + El Capitan -

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I heard/read that El Capitan, in general the newest OSX version, they don´t like each others, possibly they don´t work at all.

Can someone confirm me that is not possible to install GLTools master on El Capitan? I did not find anything on the web that says it.

I downloaded the QCPatchXcodeTemplate-master, in order to instal the GLTools-master. All right, but when I click on GLTool.xcodeproj (as the github description says "to Build") I have receive 2 errors (see the screen shot). Plus i can´t use all the patches while working in QC, (for example the Polygon Mode that I would like to check).

Thank you very much, and sorry If maybe this topic sounds too simple... I´m a newbie! Am I doing something wrong?

I´m running Xcode 6.4, apparently the only one working with El Capitan.


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i loaded GLTools 1.6 and i am having issues with stability.

MAC PROPERTIES: Pentium Dual CORE 3.02Ghz 8 Gig Memory Nvidea dual video card 2TB G-Tech Esata Drive

the project works great in Quartz but when i drop it in Resolume it crashes Resolume. So next I tried to see if i needed to defrag my HD. when i opened Drive Genus, a warning window open up that reads:

"Kineme GLTools QC Patch" has known stability issues and is incompatible with Drive Genius. Please check with the vendor for an update, or disable it.

If you choose to continue using Drive Genius with this unstable application, Kineme GLTools QC Patch may crash both itself and Drive Genius.

this is how a found out that it is unstable.

is there any info that i can send you that can help you fix this issue.

in the meantime i will try 1.5 and see if that fixes issue

Stereo anaglyph compositing tutorial

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I'm happy to finally release some of the CIfilter code I was working on earlier this year at Vectorform - compositing solutions for stereoscopic images! Covers the three main flavours of anaglyphic glasses; Anachrome (red/cyan), Trioscopic (green/magenta), and ColorCode (amber/blue). Minor controls for image alignment and colour contrast (customise mixing of red/green/blue channels to tune colour perception vs. retinal rivalry).

Tutorial – File downloads –

There are some example images too, so you should have all you need to test things out. Let me know what you think - it may not be the most ideal for realtime usage (like with Kineme GLtools), but still usable. Most of my work is for rendered output, so speed hasn't been my biggest concern. Should result in rather nice quality though!

Interaction Bezier Curve (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.07.14
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

Last night I was looking at and saw this sketch:

and this:ézier_curve

...which inspired me to make this composition.

This composition uses iteration to construct a cubic (three point), or quadratic (four point) curve, and allows one to interact with the points that define the curve path.

It also features a mode to visualize the path, configurable drop shadows for the main curve and/or the point handles, and some other options.

-Added texture variant 4/7/11, removed triangle path viewer from that version.

Grid Warp - looking for a better solution

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Hi Guys,

i need a bit help. I'm working on a grid-warp patch, using latest GL Tools and Spooky patches - and the Interaction. Basically, the composition working, but if i changing the current "work point" too fast that will screw up all the things - check the attached file, please.

ps.: It's not too bad in Quartz Composer, but if i want to using this comp outside of QC, the issue will be bigger - tested with a single QCView, QuartzBuilder, CoGe, so looks like its not my fault (maybe i found a bug?).

I had the same issue with Quad Warp (, but with that composition i found a working solution which works outside of QC.