Image Processing

Simple MP3 Album Art Extractionn Quartz Composer Patch/Plugin

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I am looking for a developer to build a Quartz Composer PlugIn that takes an mp3 file path as it's input and provides an image, the files Album Art, as it's output.

I know how to perform this action with ffmpeg via 1 command-line but, have not found a command-line-tool patch that works with the call and haven't built a QCPlugIn before.

OpenCL Image Processing Routines

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Please find attached an example file that exhibits the use of six OpenCL image processing routines.

They have all been ported over from example from Apple's developer code examples.

They will happily take a static image or a moving one.

The posted example uses a static image, the online screen grab posted to vimeo uses a video feed [some HD footage of my own] and the output of the kernels is used there as a mask image to the main image, which is also the product of a CoreImage processing routine that inverts the source image .