QuartzGL in iTunes

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This question was in some slight fashion prompted by postings about booting into a 64 bit kernel.

Of course not all applications are 32 / 64 bit switchable and iTunes [9.2.1][4] is actually meant to be usable on 10.4 upwards, so no surprise I guess as to its not having been made switchable at all.

It does have one rather interesting setting, unflagged no doubt due to the application not being intended to be run solely upon machines that are Quartz Extreme capable [some Macs that can run 10.4 don't have Quartz Extreme capable cards as they where produced before that particular specification came out]

In the iTunes application's package contents one can find the Info.plist.

It has a setting.

QuartzGL enable, as previously stated, by default it is unflagged.

I'm just beginning to run iTunes with this flagged in a re-edited Info.plist file that I authenticated into the application's package contents folder, so I shall post and advise.

Just wondered if anyone else had seen this. & also what I have been missing by not having QuartzGL enabled. Thus far I haven't found much difference to speak off.