KinemeCore 0.5.1

Bug in Kineme core for pausing rendering

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The pause feature in kineme core is awesome for debugging but it seems that mouse movements still get passed through (even without a mouse patch)

Kineme Core v0.5 auto recovery has put me into an infinite loop's picture

Does KinemeCore have a safe-boot-mode where I can disable the autoload of an offeding .qtz comp causing GPU overload 'crash'?

I set the Rii patch to its max dimension (4096x1671 for me) to output a still using the imagewriter patch tb compiled from apple dev examples. It has made QC so slow to respond it is effectively 'mangled' beyond user-interaction (if not technically crashing).

Force Quitting QC and reopening is making KinemeCore reload the composition and go into death-mode again. I've tried renaming the autosave file which doesn't help.

Removing GLTools in Patches Folder saved the day as it broke the render chain in the comp and I could edit the resolution of the RII patch. It took me a while to twig — I was typing this post saying there are no plugins left to disable… then realised patches so wasted lots of time. Be good if KinemeCore could go into a don't-load-autosave–mode with option-key boot or something.

I guess editting the Plist was next but I wasn't sure where KinemeCore was getting the comp file from. And where is KinemeCore itself installed to, I could find it either to uninstall it (temporarily of course ;) )?

Also, any hints for getting greater mileage out of RII patch, anybody?

Kineme Core 0.5.1 not recognized - iMac i7 - OS10.6.2


Just got a new i7 and I was dying to try out all the QC4 stuff Ive been missing out on.

The installer put the kineme core plugin in the correct location with admin priv: /library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins

Tried rebooting, reinstalling, but still no K menu.

I also tried manually moving the plugin to my library folder, but no love there either.

Not sure if it helps, but I was able to install KinemeGL Tools with no problem at all.

Any Clues?

thanks Matthew