Sorting a file structure

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Hi there, i use the Kineme Directory Scanner (Blocking) to get a list of files.

First: What are they sorted by by default? It does not seem to be - alphabetical?

Second: I cannot figure out how to make a "Sorting Descriptor" in the "Structure Sort" patch...

I simply want to list my files like this:

01_file-blka 02_file-blabla 03_file-tika

But they come in "random" order.

Any clues?

Thanks a lot!

best, soren

Ali Demirel uses Kineme in series of Richie Hawtin's M–NUS events

interactive cube with blue lights

This year, Richie Hawtin's label m–nus celebrates its 10th anniversary with a series of interactive performance events called CONTAKT. Ali Demirel, Hawtin's visualist, uses a combination of Quartz Composer and other software to produce the show's video and also to interact with the audience. Here he talks about his use of Kineme to do this.

A little background: the most unique feature of the CONTAKT events is a lighted cube (pictured left) which contains an RFID scanner. Users who register in advance on the CONTAKT website have RFID chipcards which they can hold up to the cube's reader to interact with it in various ways.