Particle Tools docs

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I just discovered Kineme this week (and Quartz Composer, in fact). After running in to limitations of QC's built in Particle System (namely the ability to affect particles after emission) I came across Kineme Particle Tools. It's unclear to me how to use the Self Operator and the docs pages all result in "You are not authorized" (

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


Rendering text mesh as particles

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Hi all !

I'm trying to render a 3D letter mesh as lines particles with Kineme Particle Tools, so :

  • I parse the mesh vertices structure through a "Get Mesh Component"
  • scan the obtained structure with an "Interpolation"
  • and connect the obtained coordinates to a "Particle Emitter"

But I have two troubles :

  • I would really like to preserve the holes in the letter ("A" in my example).
  • My letter isn't in 3D : when I rotate the whole thing I have lines connected to an unique point.

Do you think that my mesh is not well done (Blender text transformed in a mesh) ? Would you have any advice about parsing the mesh structure (and may be selecting "good points") to keep the "A" points ?

Thanks a lot in advance !


Trigger explosion on kineme particle

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Hi. I have been looking at different examples of kineme particles and now I can see how it works... the Problem is that I would like to trigger an explosion with a key but I have not been able to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated


DATA / live operated by QC / Knm

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Hi folks, i'm proud to introduce the new audio-visual live performance i'm coding for DatA - french electronic music artist.

currrently using KnM Particle tools, Structure Tools, Gl Tools and ArtNet tools (to control strobes + smoke machine)... More pictures to come.

here are some snapshots from the rehearsals (on a semi-opaque LED modular wall):

--- KnM Rulez !

Ali Demirel uses Kineme in series of Richie Hawtin's M–NUS events

interactive cube with blue lights

This year, Richie Hawtin's label m–nus celebrates its 10th anniversary with a series of interactive performance events called CONTAKT. Ali Demirel, Hawtin's visualist, uses a combination of Quartz Composer and other software to produce the show's video and also to interact with the audience. Here he talks about his use of Kineme to do this.

A little background: the most unique feature of the CONTAKT events is a lighted cube (pictured left) which contains an RFID scanner. Users who register in advance on the CONTAKT website have RFID chipcards which they can hold up to the cube's reader to interact with it in various ways.