Midi note off with midi notes receiver?

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Hi there

I hope someone can help me, I"m stuck.

I'm using midi notes receiver to get notes in from Live, turning an image on and off. All is well when I use the keyboard to generate a note. The image goes on and off.

However, I'm trying to achieve the same thing via a M4L patch. It sends a note on message, which works for the sound in Live because once the note has played, it stops. But the image is still "on", until I activate it again.

I'm not sure if there's a simple method to fix this in QC. I've tried some of the toggle patches, but I"m kind of in the dark.

Does this make any sense, and can anyone shed some light?


Help with Structures and Javascript

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Hello. I'm seeking information/tutorials on using structures and Javascript in QC. Separately and together that is. What are structures, what all can they be used for and how? Same for Javascript. XML MIDI structures? I've used many objects that take structure input, as well as objects that modify a structure, and deconstructed some Javascript to try and understand how it's working. Thats been pretty much my learning curve in QC so far. Figure it out through cause and effect...

One thing that's been on my mind for a while is, somehow making an application for a Monome with QC that would visualize different data sources synced to a tempo. I'm thinking, it's probably possible, but more likely easier programmed in Max. Of which I have very little knowledge. Thus I'm thinking a better knowledge of structures and javascript may yield such an app. I just don't know where to start... I should really just learn Max and build these as M4L devices as they probably won't run as efficient as VDMX plug-ins...

Anyways... Structures and javascript in visual compositions... Rather than control^ Any responses, or perhaps demonstration comps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.