Midi inputs

MIDI receive issues

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Hi everyone,

I know this has been discussed elsewhere plenty, but I just couldn't find the info to get this to work:

I'm trying to receive MIDI notes from Ableton in QC.

  • I downloaded MIDI Tools
  • I'm running Snow Leopard
  • IAC is online and Ableton detects it in the MIDI tracks

Further, if I try to get receive Ableton's MIDI with other Apps (Logic, Reaktor) it's working fine, so I assume it's not an IAC issue. Also, I can get QC to send MIDI to Ableton, and that works just fine.

Thanks for your help!!!

Midi from Ableton to Quartz

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Hi everybody,

I´m trying to make comunicate Ableton and Quartz but it seems not working.

In Ableton: I create a midi track, I set "midi in" from computer keyboard ,I set "midi out" to IAC bus 1, if I pressed keys on my keyboard the signals arrives in Ableton, of course, and everything is fine.

In Quartz I try to use the Midi Notes, I set bus 1 as source but it seemes that doesnt receive any inputs, if I set as source a midi keyboard (Port 1 for instance) it works, so maybe there is something wrong with the bus connection, I dont know.

If someone know how, or some tutorials , or stuff, to fix the problem it would be very nice.

Thanx in advance. jaco