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Issues with the "Movie Importer" patch while rendering with QCRenderer

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I am writing a program for OS X Lion that is basically a video mixer. I create a QCRenderer with my patch using initOffScreenWithSize:colorSpace:composition:. I then programmatically pass video from a camera and a path to a movie file to two separate inputs of the patch. The movie file is then loaded by a "Movie Importer" patch. The problem is that the movie importer returns an error and no movie.

The error is: *** Message from : ERROR: Running movie on thread 0x109106000 while initialized on thread 0x1053b5000

This message appears upon processing most of the frames, sometimes it works. This is what I'm doing to get an image from the QCRenderer.

[offscreenQCRenderer renderAtTime:[NSDate timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate] arguments:nil]; NSImage *frame = [offscreenQCRenderer createSnapshotImageOfType:@"NSImage"];

Inside the patch I the "Movie Importer" patch time is set to external, and I pass it a modified patch time; looping the overall patch time with a "Round" patch to the length of the movie.

Any help with fixing this is greatly appreciated.

Playing videos using Movie Importer not working in QuartzBuilder version 1.4

I am testing a very simple patch that imports and plays a small Quicktime sample movie.

It plays well as a normal QTZ file but when I try to run the app created by QuartzBuilder 1.4 it opens the window but does not display anything.

I can get the movie to display temporarily, either by switching tasks (tab-command task switching) or by dragging the window around the screen.

When I do this, the I see samples of the movie within the window. As soon as I stop doing either of these things, the movie freezes at its current frame.

I urgently need to launch a QTZ app fullscreen on a second monitor at startup for a public exhibition that goes live soon. This is why I purchased QuartzBuilder.

I would really appreciate some help getting this working.

I'm using a 2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with 3 GB RAM and OSX 10.7.3.

I cannot downgrade to pre-Lion release due to other components of the project.

I've attached my test files for your inspection.

Many thanks.




The VideoTools plugin provides support for video input:

  • Firewire video input, bypassing QuickTime.
  • Network camera input, bypassing QuickTime.
  • Video file input, bypassing QuickTime.
  • Video file input, running QuickTime in a separate process.

Unlike Quartz Composer's built-in Movie Importer patch, VideoTools doesn't block compositions while a video loads. With the non-QuickTime video file input patch, videos load faster. And, unlike Movie Importer, VideoTools works reliably with threaded third-party applications (such as QuartzBuilder).

Supported Cameras, Containers, and Codecs

Supported Firewire Cameras

Any IIDC/DCAM-compliant Firewire camera, including:

  • DMx 21BF04 by The Imaging Source
  • Flea2 Color (FL2G-13S2C) by Point Grey Research
  • Flea2 Mono (FL2G-13S2M) by Point Grey Research
  • iSight by Apple (External Firewire)

(See also dc1394's camera list.)

Incompatible Cameras

  • Firefly FFMV-03M2M by Point Grey Research

Supported Network Cameras

Supported Video Player Movie Containers

  • .mov
  • .avi

Supported Video Player Movie Codecs

  • PNG
  • RLE ("QuickTime Animation")
  • ProRes 422
  • ProRes 422 (Proxy)
  • ProRes 422 (HQ)
  • Partially Supported:
    • H.264 — stutters when played backward
    • ProRes 4444 — alpha channel is ignored
  • Currently Unsupported:
    • Other formats that use interframe encoding (MPEG-4, ...)

Supported QuickTime Player Movie Containers and Codecs

  • Anything supported by QuickTime 7

Known Issues

  • Kineme VideoTools does not play audio.

3rd-party software

This software uses code from libdc1394 and FFmpeg, both licensed under the LGPLv2.1. FFmpeg's source can be downloaded here.


Unsupported on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and above

Please download the trial and make sure it meets your needs before purchasing. Due to bugs in Apple's Quartz Composer framework, we cannot guarantee that Kineme plugins will work properly on Mac OS 10.8 and above. Our focus has shifted to developing Vuo.

higher playback rates than 1 using movie importer

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i'm currently working on an interactive project where the speed of a bicycle dynamo will generate a midi cc signal that will interact with movie playback rate and exposure in qc. i got an arduino and a midi shell on it's way, the excellent tom scarff has been very helpful! using the movie importer in asynchronous mode, i have access to the playback rate. but it doesen't exceed 1. i've tried searching the site for posts that've touched on this topic, but haven't found any. could someone help out? i thought of a dirty workaround to export the sequence at double speed, and use rate 0.5 as normal, but it will have quite a severe impact on audio.

VCR (Composition by smokris)

Author: smokris
License: MIT
Date: 2009.09.28
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

A basic five-function VCR: play, reset, pause, rewind, fastforward.

Example composition for Ohio University MDIA486.