kinect synapse quartz osculator live

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some gladly pointed the synapse app in a thread here so I'm returning the favor with a synapse patch...

i couldn't get the cool synapse max 4 live mappers to work i think my ableton is a bit outdated so i used synapse for quartz composer and osculator to send data to live. right now its just a left and right hand kaosilator type of patch. the backing track made on the iPad.

this is just a short video test. maybe someone can make sense of this patch its a bit messy that is why this is in developing comps and no the repo.....

basically its a qc patch sending out hits to osculator for x and y of left and right hand. I'm sending y data for midi cc control. also i am using z depth to trigger the notes.

I'm thinking about doing something like this for xyz for both hands that should give me 6 instruments i can control with two hands. right now its just bass and lead..

the track i made on my iPad with garage band ? freakin sweet I'm telling you. the smart instruments let you fly. literally the backing track was made in 5 mins.

Path Manipulations...

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Using paths for video:

Audio Spectrogram

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Ok I'm very new to Quartz Composer but I've been trying to find a way to create a visualizer that maps the octaves of sound directly to the visible spectrum. This is based on the idea that the visible spectrum is essentially one octave of electromagnetic radiation. More about that theory here:

Thanks to AudioTools I was able to get a decent resolution for the frequency spectrum, but being a noob I ran into a lot of technical problems that I didn't understand (with particles and iterators and render in image patches...) Plus I wasn't sure how to best capture the composition in action. In any case, I finally have something to show:


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My son recently took delivery of his (1st?) drum kit; which has some wonderful cymbals - I never realised they could be so musical as well as percussive! So after playing and exploring them it was time to get out the microphones of course!

The samples, which were then sculpted and manipulated formed a nice basis for a track.

Kyma (from SymbolicSound) was used to track brightness and amplitude which drove a Quartz Composer composition (Based on a composition from the Kineme forum but can't recall which one; see attached).