Nested Iterators

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I am having a heck of a time getting nested iterators to work with the particle system patch. Currently I have 12 different iterators going through doing what I feel should be pretty simple to do using one set of nested iterators but every time I try its not responding properly. The only way I can get the correct results is by using all the separated iterators.

Im attaching my qtz so hopefully someone will be able to assist me. Im using the weighted grid generator and renderer from Here and using some ugly JS (cant quite wrap my head around JS nested loops either :P) and feeding the resulting structure into the iterators and just changing the source index for each of the iterators. My thought process is to nest the iterator and have the current index go to the source index and then it should step through the entire structure to do what all 12 iterators are doing, but again, Nothing usable It only appears to render one index of the structure.

Thanks in advanced

Nested Structures with XML Downloader

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I'm having some trouble with a fairly large composition that I've developed originally on Leopard. Part of the composition has a patch that downloads an XML feed from a site, and uses the first portion of the feed which has nested substructures to create labels for data, and the second half of the feed has the actual data. On Leopard it pulls and displays the whole feed with no trouble, but on SL it appears to partially truncate these nested substructures from the feed. See attached files for examples.

Has anyone experienced this or any related weirdness?

copy Nested Structures / Objects in Javascript

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I'm trying to copy a nested structure in the Javascript patch so i can manipulate it. The function i came up with does work, but it messes up the order of the structure.

function cloneObject(oldObject) {
   var newObject = new Object()
     for (i in oldObject) {
      if (typeof oldObject[i] == 'object') {
         newObject[i] = new cloneObject(oldObject[i]);
      else newObject[i] = oldObject[i];
    return newObject

Anyone has a suggestion? i'm kinda at the end of my javascript knowledge here. thanx