Particle system

Quartz Composer Particle System inside an Iterator

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Hey guys

I had been trying to make copies of a particle system with an iterator for quite a bit, and I finally found a solution. If it helps anyone else as-well even better.

What's the trick? - the particle system's Timebase needs to be set to external
- then just like with Random patches, you publish the Patch Time input from within the iterator and you hook up the time from outside
- you then do some simple math with each of the iterations (this one is important, because each particle system needs it's own time) - i usually use the math expression ( outsideTime + currentIndex*offset ), where offset is just a constant such as 200 or 300

That's it. I've attached the composition and a screenshot, but you can also find them here.

Making Smoke like Particle system

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I am interested in making a smoke like particle system. I have searched kinda deep into some of the threads, and found some info. I read a great deal of george toledo sample thread. And got that I need lots of Interpolation and a particle system to do any thing remotely interesting. I think that is what I got, hard to tell. George you do a good job of keep your work yours. Which i can understand 100%.

But so my real question is do I need Kineme3D or QuartzCrystal to make smoke in Quartz Composer?

Am I thinking about this right? Small particles. Lots of them, I am guessing. Some gravity. A pretty short lifetime, or long lifetime? Do i need an image of some sort to make it look more real?

Help much appreciated