Kinect problem with Tuio

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Hey everybody, II was wondering if anybody had any suggest on how to utilize the Kinect in TuioKinect. My big big problem is that if i run synapse(‎) to get the video in qc it's all ok, when i try to use recent patches that i find on the web or the sample patch for see the kinect in qc (open kinect) or TuioKinect i don't see nothing or message No kinect/device connected. From my research on the forum, i read that probably th problem is the model of my kinect ( I'm running this off my macbook 10.7.5 - kinect model n.1473) Any suggest? i'm really really really tired of this situations! thxs

FPS fluctuation when QC is in Focus

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Here's a weird one. Just got a new MacMini (Late 2012) with onboard Intel HD graphics. Have noticed this also on a previous Mac Mini with an AMD graphics card but it's far less pronounced.

Basically my (fairly complicated) composition runs at 60 fps in full screen but every 3-5 seconds it drops to 45 fps for about 3 seconds then pops back up.

However I switch to the Finder or any other app with the file still running in Full Screen the frame rate stabilises to 60fps constantly.

Weirder still, if I open "Activity Monitor" and run the floating CPU panel and switch back to Quartz in full screen, it all works solidly at 60 fps without any problem.

Has anyone else spotted this/come up with a solution?! The issue is the same if I wrap it in an Xcode App. Only I can't float anything in front because it takes over the whole screen.

Any help would be much appreciated. Installing 15 of these in an exhibition in two weeks!

Ta. Rob

Mac Mini Processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB OS X 10.8.2 (12C2034)

Particle Textured -Render in Image

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Hi: I have a problem trying to render in an image a textured particle scene. Everything works ok but when I try to render it in a RenderInImage patch the particles stop showing. (nothing at all) It only happens with the ParticleRender:Textured. Not with Standard that works fine. I already tryed changing image size and depth test settings with no succes. I'm using OSX10.5 on a mac book pro.

Thanks. DX™

N-Body.qtz - not working on iMac 24"

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The Apple Developer Example N-Body.qtz simply doesn't work whatsoever at all in QC, even after applying the recently posted tip from Steve Elbows [thanks for that tip, Steve].

It may be a hardware related issue and I have posted the automatic crash report to Apple.

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem with this item.

GT gave us a detailed many bases post about various aspects of QC4, and mentioned N-Body as being pretty active.

An experience I am as yet to share :-(