Random -copy-paste work around

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What is the best way (or your way) to work around the fact that QC copies the same seed when a random controller is copied?

It is really unsustainable to drag in a new instance of "random controller" for large patches and macros.

Thanks, this forum is a great resource, First time poster long time reader.

Structure sort question

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I have a question on structure sorting, perhaps somebody can help.

I'm creating a bunch of structures with queues. Then, I feed all of the structures into a javascript patch, and combine them into a new 'structure of structures, using something like:

struct[0] = input0; struct[1] = input1; ... etc. and returning struct. It works fine, but the output structure is in some random order! I've tried using "struct['a']" and so on, it's no different, I see 0: 'e' structure.. then 1: 'k' structure etc.

I've tried using the structure sort patch, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out. Leaving it without a descriptor, the input is e,k,.. and the output is p,e,... The same thing happens with numbers.

Any ideas? Is this some kind of bug? It sure doesn't look 'expected' :/

JavaScript Text Messings

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Just for a change, I thought I'd have a go with some JavaScript text effects in QC. This is the result. It's not very spectacular, but could form the basis of something more interesting, especially if combined with a custom font, or some nice animation of individual characters.

I've tried to make it as flexible and modular as possible. Each JS module outputs a complete string and a structure of individual characters, which could be passed into an Iterator for animation.

Hope it proves useful for someone out there.


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Does any one have some good resources on Javascript programming in QC?

I noticed some off the official examples don't use main functions and let you select how many inputs/outputs the javascript patch has.

However if I create a new javascript patch I can't get it to run without a main function and it never shows the options to specify the number of inputs/outputs, what am I doing wrong?

This is what I'm getting at:


Select from arrays

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I'm using iterator to create a short array of cubes. Now I want to select individual cubes from the array using the index and (for example) change its colour or shape properties. I have connected Iterator Variables/Iterations to the Structure index member and then I'm using a javascript if statement to test whether it is the same as the current iteration. My javascript is:

if ( inputs[0] == inputs[1]) {
}else {
outputs[0] = 1;

But for some reason it is never true. Can anyone help with this simple problem?