Thanks Everyone

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Hi all, really love this forum, helped me a lot in my research.

Thanks every one for your topics.

Please have a look at my new project.



here all the single effects...


Mappit: A Quartz Video Mapping App

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I wanted to make a dead simple, standalone program for Video Mapping - 2 windows, simple controls, photo/video.

It is amazingly useful as a mapping tool - think quad with corner controls. Mappit can use photos and videos.

To all those here, thanks for all the help along the way I couldn't have done it without you. I am sure someone will find this useful.

Check it out, and grab a copy here


Quartz Composer Physic | Collision

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Hello everyone, I'm trying to simulate a physic system with collision detection in quartz, but with no results.

First thing first. I've downloaded the ParticleTool from the download section, with no results. Quartz is unable to find the tool in the library. (i've a mbp with os x 10.6.7 and the 0.3 version of particle tool) Despite this, i've decided to try with javascript (i'm feeling more comfortable with javascript or ActionScrip, and i found a lot of examples for them)

the question is: How can i do that with quartz? and if there's no way to make ParticleTools working on my mac, how can i do it with javascript?!

and why did apple made no user manual about quartz?! :(

Thank You so much!!!

QuartzCrystal render bug

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When I try and render any composition on my MacBook Pro, Quartz Crystal (Demo Version, latest, 1.4) gives me an error, the error in the GUI is ...

"Failed to create offscreen renderer" (also see pic attached)

I get this error on launching Quartz Crystal in the console (if that helps)

Sep 29 07:27:45 tbook QuartzCrystal[5069]: *** Message from <QCPatch = 0x13BB28A0 "(null)">:\nCannot create connection from ["outputQueue" @ "Queue_1"] to ["_enable" @ "Iterator_1"]
Sep 29 07:27:45 tbook QuartzCrystal[5069]: *** State restoration failed on <QCPatch = 0x13BB28A0 "(null)">

But no other errors in the console on render or on close.

Do you see this as a bug that is fixable? Is there a bug ticketing system or some such I should submit this to?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place to post bug reports. I'd really like to support Kineme.net and Quartz Composer and was trying to see if rendering with Quartz Crystal was able to do what I wanted to do before I bought it.

Are the any steps I can take to get more information on the error? Does the app write any logs anywhere other than the console?

Also, while I'm here, I'm extremely interested in "switching fullscreen" support in applications made with Quartz Builder, has anyone contemplated such a feature? I've implemented it myself in an XCode project, but I haven't integrated it into an process as streamlined as Quartz Builder, and was wondering how I would go about contributing...

  • Glenn

Collada Texture Noob

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Having issues importing a Collada (.dae) file into Quartz composer. I have done exactly as the following video made by god/man/beast Vade describes http://vimeo.com/6310533 but it's not quite working. The Collada object (created in sketchup) appears but completely white without the textures. I am a total noob so any advice is appreciated