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New Plugin : Twitter Hashtag Search

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Hi friends , i made this plugin to read tweets via hashtag in quartz directly, all you need is a developer account, and read the tutorial inside the zip.

Here the link to my dropbox and i attach a zip with all the files.


good luck!

Thanks Everyone

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Hi all, really love this forum, helped me a lot in my research.

Thanks every one for your topics.

Please have a look at my new project.



here all the single effects...



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I may well be late in the day in getting on board with this site I am about post about, however, if you haven't already heard of or found the new I Love QC site that accompanies the QC book by Graham Robinson and Surya Buchwald, now might be a good time to do so.

Fixed link.

Reactivision + Fiducial Markers

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Hi all! I´ve been developing a reacTIVision based application, it works with several different fiducial markers. Every marker has different behavior. The problem i have is "simple" but couldn´t solve it myself. When one fiducial marker is detected, actions and behaviors are just OK. When second fiducial is detected, it still is OK. But, when one of fiducials is taken out, it´s behavior continues operating (just like it was never taken out), unless both markers are taken out.

Did anyone had this issue before? How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance.

RFID + Ableton + Madmapper

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I'm currently working on a school project at Hyper Island where we want to do video mapping trough Madmapper on a 3d wall and combine this with music from Ableton. Everything should be controlled by using RFID-tags in gloves. So when you put your glove on a RFID-reader a certain beat starts to play and certain visual effects start to show. When you put your glove on another RFID-reader the beat and visuals change.

Does anyone have tips on how to connect everything? Maybe through Quartz Composer?

I would really appreciate some help. THANK YOU!

/ Filippa