Export Movie with Custom Patch using QuartzCrystal v2.1

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Hi, Everybody,

I'm trying to export movie with Custom Patch using QuartzCrystal v2.1. I would like to export movie that have alpha channel. But, It doesn't work.. Could you help me?

This is source of custom patch.

  • (BOOL)execute:(id )context atTime:(NSTimeInterval)time withArguments:(NSDictionary *)arguments { CGLContextObj cgl_ctx = [context CGLContextObj]; CGLSetCurrentContext(cgl_ctx); CGLLockContext(cgl_ctx);


    for (int i=0; i < 1000; i++) { glPushMatrix(); glBegin(GL_LINES); glColor4d(1.f, 1.f, 1.f, 0.25); glVertex2d(random(-1.0, 1.0), random(-1.0, 1.0)); glVertex2d(random(-1.0, 1.0), random(-1.0, 1.0)); glEnd(); glPopMatrix(); }


    CGLUnlockContext(cgl_ctx); }

Mac OS X 10.10 QuartzComposer 4.6 QuartzCrystal v2.1


Export QC comp using Value Historian to Video with transparency

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I was using a video right in my QC project but I thought that was dumb since it really slowed things down and I dont think that's the way to go. I might be wrong...

Through the help of many nice people here (DUST comes to mind), I have been able to get my QC qorking as I would like. However, I need to get this into a high quality video format over a nice quality video and I am having huge problems.

Even using the excellent QuartzCrystal, the output looks really bad in imovie or any other video application. Embedding a video in this only makes the import slower with the same results. either the video is super soft, or the graphics arent real crisp. just looks bad.

Now, I know I probably shouldn't have created my lower-third graphic as a high quality TIFF and then overlay real time data on top, but it seemed like a logical workflow. When i make a contained app with the QC it looks fine, even on a TV. The problem is getting this out to video so I can upload it and show it to people. If I dont get this out to a TV in some normal scenario that is NOT hooking my computer up to a monitor, then this will be a failure.

So, on top of the quality issues, the valueHistorian isnt working on a direct imovie import. Exporting to mov first doesnt help the quality, but does solve the HELLO WORLD problem. Can someone provide me a workflow or workaround for this?

Making Smoke like Particle system

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I am interested in making a smoke like particle system. I have searched kinda deep into some of the threads, and found some info. I read a great deal of george toledo sample thread. And got that I need lots of Interpolation and a particle system to do any thing remotely interesting. I think that is what I got, hard to tell. George you do a good job of keep your work yours. Which i can understand 100%.

But so my real question is do I need Kineme3D or QuartzCrystal to make smoke in Quartz Composer?

Am I thinking about this right? Small particles. Lots of them, I am guessing. Some gravity. A pretty short lifetime, or long lifetime? Do i need an image of some sort to make it look more real?

Help much appreciated

sound analyze during a quartz crystal render

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hello! i have sound reacting composition and i would like to do a render(in quartz crystal) on music track. is that somehow possible? can i analyze music track in different way than use audio input? thx in advance

Vusic - Experiments in live 3D

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Since Steve and Chris release particle tools 0.3 yesterday we though we'd post about the first stage of a new project we have been working on, showcasing our 'proof of concept' of real-time 3D for live musical performance.

We used a bunch of Kineme plugs (Particle tools, Kineme 3D, GL tools, Audio tools, Structure tools, Spookies, Value historian and Quartz Crystal). Big thanks to Kineme for adding the boids to particle tools for us :)


Click the link to check out the video on our site http://www.yuva.tv/index.php