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QuartzCrystal "unable to render" after 4 frames


I have an issue with Quartz Crystal, while I'm trying to render a qtz that use a custom plugin (OpenCV image provider). I'm passing a movie into the plugin, then output on a sprite. Nothing terrific...

At between 4 and 10 frames rendered I have this message (translated from French, as QCrystal is very well translated) : "Unable to perform the offscreen rendering".

Could it be that QCrystal doesn't like my way to output images (see code below) ? I'm very bad at manaqging OpenGL and image providers, very very bad :-/

Any advice would be highky appreciated, as I'm in a urge with this rendering ! Thanks a lot !

            glClearColor(0., 0., 0., 0.);
            glPushAttrib(GL_ENABLE_BIT | GL_TEXTURE_BIT);
            GLuint tex = [imgCV generateTextureInContext:cgl_ctx];
            self.outputImage =  [context outputImageProviderFromTextureWithPixelFormat:pixelFormat
                                                                            pixelsWide:[imgCV getSize].width
                                                                            pixelsHigh:[imgCV getSize].height

Audio Tools v1.0 - Source Code and updated PlugIn

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Thank you kineme and her sponsors @coremelt and @gtoledo, for the Source Code and the updated release for Audio Tools, by now a hardy perennial in my workflow. Just begun exploring the Embedded patches and seeing if these work nicely with QuartzCrystal, which thus far, they do.

Crystal Upgrade

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@smorkis or @jstreker

I followed the wiki on how to upgrade my quartz crystal from 1.4 to 2.0. i get the following error. "coupon redemption limit exceeded" or something like that. see attached pic for details.

the site advertises a five dollar upgrade. couldn't get the upgrade to go through even after reading other threads pertaining to the same issues and after multiple attempts.

i went ahead and purchased 2.0 at the full price as that was the only option I have. was wondering if i could get credit towards k2d or something ?



ChartTools does not render in QuartzCrystal

Hey y'all,

ChartTools 1.0 does not produce any rendered movie in QuartzCrystal 2.0.

Solution: install ChartTools 1.1.

QuartzCrystal render bug

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When I try and render any composition on my MacBook Pro, Quartz Crystal (Demo Version, latest, 1.4) gives me an error, the error in the GUI is ...

"Failed to create offscreen renderer" (also see pic attached)

I get this error on launching Quartz Crystal in the console (if that helps)

Sep 29 07:27:45 tbook QuartzCrystal[5069]: *** Message from <QCPatch = 0x13BB28A0 "(null)">:\nCannot create connection from ["outputQueue" @ "Queue_1"] to ["_enable" @ "Iterator_1"]
Sep 29 07:27:45 tbook QuartzCrystal[5069]: *** State restoration failed on <QCPatch = 0x13BB28A0 "(null)">

But no other errors in the console on render or on close.

Do you see this as a bug that is fixable? Is there a bug ticketing system or some such I should submit this to?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place to post bug reports. I'd really like to support Kineme.net and Quartz Composer and was trying to see if rendering with Quartz Crystal was able to do what I wanted to do before I bought it.

Are the any steps I can take to get more information on the error? Does the app write any logs anywhere other than the console?

Also, while I'm here, I'm extremely interested in "switching fullscreen" support in applications made with Quartz Builder, has anyone contemplated such a feature? I've implemented it myself in an XCode project, but I haven't integrated it into an process as streamlined as Quartz Builder, and was wondering how I would go about contributing...

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