RFID Audio Trigger

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Hi all, I'm trying to build an install for an event that I'm running and I'm struggling to come up with a solution, I'll try my best to explain.

8 Screens looping videos with RFID readers attached 8 sets of headphones for people to pick up (colour coded) 8 RFID Cards colour coded to match the headphones When a delegate taps the RFID card on the screen, the audio from that screen plays in the headphones with the same colour code as the card.... and thats it!

I have access to an Echo Audiofire 12 and can use numerous desktops/laptops raspberry pi's etc, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


RFID + Ableton + Madmapper

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I'm currently working on a school project at Hyper Island where we want to do video mapping trough Madmapper on a 3d wall and combine this with music from Ableton. Everything should be controlled by using RFID-tags in gloves. So when you put your glove on a RFID-reader a certain beat starts to play and certain visual effects start to show. When you put your glove on another RFID-reader the beat and visuals change.

Does anyone have tips on how to connect everything? Maybe through Quartz Composer?

I would really appreciate some help. THANK YOU!

/ Filippa