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This composition uses Kineme 2D, Kineme Audio Tools, v002 Rutt Etra 3.0 [beta] & an embedded custom patch, Random HSL.

vector-morph - Work in Progress from cybero on Vimeo.

A Syphon recorded rendering of an experimental Kineme 2D processing chain , rendered in image and fed into a v002 Rutt Etra patch.

The audio providing much of the morphic , resampled noise vector lines is another Magic Garageband mix down of Slow Blues.

Neon Audio Processor - OpenCL iTunes visualizer

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A screen grab of some work in progress, an OpenCL graphics kernel based iTunes visualizer.

The construct is essentially one whereby the audio spectrum and peak data are separated into peak,low, mid and high , these values then being the initial values for the computation of the resulting audio reactive graphic.

The bands are high, middle and low from top to bottom.

Looking at setting up some presets, as the slightest change in certain of the input variables results in drastic changes to the graphic rendered.