AppleScript from a plug-in

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I'm working on a plugin that will automate the control of Syphon Recorder (stop/start) and automatically archive the recorded videos.

I have created simple AppleScripts that stop and start the video, and I'm working on using NSAppleScript to execute them. I'm looking for an intelligent way to locate the scripts. Normally I might use NSBundle mainBundle, but that returns the path for QC, rather than for plugin, my AppleScript resources under my plugin can't be found that way. Is there a good way to return the directory of the my plugin, or should I just assume it's ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins?

Also.. I think I'd rather use the Scripting Bridge, than include AppleScript resources in my plugin. sdef/sdp can't seem to find the necessary files to create the necessary header file for use in the Scripting Bridge. Is there a way to work around this, or even a better way to do AppleScript from within my plugin?


Automate Viewer Stop and Start

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I am in charge of an installation that runs Quartz Composer 24 hours a day and gets video input from AXIS cameras. Every so often the network connection fails causing the images to freeze on the last frame. The best way I have found to fix this is to stop and start the viewer again. Rather than doing this manually, is there a good way to automate this to happen every night at say, 3:00 AM? I know I can schedule things with launchd, but what method would be the best to actually do the starting and stopping? An applescript to click the menu item? Is there a better way?

Broadcast Quartz Compositions with Wirecast, use MIDI to control

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Hey kids,

This isn't directly QC specific, but I figure a lot of you might be interested in this stuff. I just wrote up a tutorial about controlling Wirecast, a piece of software meant for video broadcasting (Justin.TV, and recording locally) using Midi + AppleScript.

I figure you guys might find it useful. Wirecast has weird QC support. It half works, but it's really sketchy. If you wanted to though, Wirecast does support screen capture, so you could capture part of the screen showing a QC comp, and broadcast it to the web live.

Feel free to hit me up with questions on here, or email me / comment on the post.

Later, rb