serial patch don't works!

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i have problems to connect QC with arduino via kineme serial patch. few time ago i can comunicate, , but the other day communication was lost and I have not done it again. I tried to remake mansteri and codingcolor tutorials... but does not work me. I have looked if there was a problem of the Arduino board but apparently not, I tested with both 32 and 64 bits and with the latest version of serial patch (version 4) without luck ...

i don't know what's happen. i think the problem is in QC but i don't know why before that works and now not...

someone have any sugestion about what i can try?... thank you!


Arduino Ultrasonic triggering of delayed mirror, explained (Composition by leon)

Author: leon
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Date: 2015.06.17
Compatibility: 10.10
Required plugins:
Serial IO

A pupil wanted to make a art installation where a mirror, when approaching, suddenly gave you your same reflection but with a 5 second delay. Here is the patch.

It is hold simple, and with a lot of explaining notes, to help beginners to get into Quartz. It is also an easy connection from the ArduinoSensor-Universe to Quartz. Therefore, it has several optional patches for variating input (keyboard as toggle, Arduino with potentiometer knob) for testing and developing. Inside the patch are the sketches for Arduino (just copy and paste), I attach the wiring-pictures made with Fritzing and the Arduino Library for the Sensor (original link is inside the sketch). There is also an option to avoid using this library.

For beginners: you have to download and install the Serial IO plugin of Kineme in, therefore you have to login (and if necessary register).

I have been helped here in Kineme a lot, and hope this helps somebody else.

Another theme: I see little activity lately. Guess people dedicate themselves to other stuff, also the founding members. Anyway, I think Quartz is still a great platform for info processing with diverse in- and output (despite I use it mainly for live visuals) and still not deprecated by Apple, so, I would love to see a revival….

Arduino to QC with Kineme SerialIO

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Hi all, I'm trying to connect arduino to QC . I followed this tutorial but the plugin Kineme SerialIO dosn't work on my mac (10.8.5) .

Anyone know if there is a new version of this plugin???


DMX+Arduino+QC help

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hi! I'm italian guy, I would to ask an important question to people from this forum because i can't find the answer around the web. I would like to link the lighting system (DMX) to a club to ARDUINO and manage it in QUARTZ can i do it??? i'm waiting for answers. thank you for your help!!!

Serial IO basic documentation?

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I am just starting with using Arduino connected to proximity sensors for controlling my quartz av performance. Is there some basic information about the settings for correct data input from arduino to quartz? ie. the data bits, stop bits, break string etc. I have the sensor data coming into quartz, but the data values skip/jitter around a bit dropping to 0 randomly. In the Arduino serial monitor, the data is consistently good.. but in quartz the same data jumps around a bit.. anyone have any hints on this behaviour? thank you