Once again it's demotime! \o/

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Yep, early august is time for the 2nd major demo party of the year: assembly in finland. This is a massive party in a big sports arena, but it's mixed with a gamer/lan party (the sight of which fills the average demoscener with disgust, but hey it wouldn't be the same without them :)

So, on with the demos. I'll post links to the executables (mostly PC/Windows unfortunately), youtube videos (good for a quick scan) and high quality videos (MP4, large files, 720p, but well worth the download for the quality.. youtube's compression seriously KILLS some of these!)

First, the 'main event', the demo competition itself. The rules here are pretty open: it must run realtime on a current high end PC, and I think the size limit is 128mb.

Happiness is Around the Bend by ASD. This won the compo. 8 minutes of amazing work, great effects and art. Executable: Youtube: Video:

Ceasefire (all falls down..) by Fairlight. Came 2nd. This is Smash's work, and is technically awesome as usual. Everything is rendered using particles.. millions of particles, with lighting, fluid effects and texturing, in realtime. Good artwork + music too. Executable: [warning: needs a VERY high end video card!] Youtube: Video:

Koiban by Satori. Came 7th, but it's not a natural party-friendly demo like the others so this is actually a very good ranking for this kind of demo. It's software rendered and needs a fast CPU (3ghz core 2 or an i5/7 is a good idea, the engine isn't yet threaded so multicore won't help). Satori do very cool psychadelic art stuff, the kind of effects we often make in QC. Executable: Youtube (NOT recommended for this one, it just can't cope with the number of lines ;) Video: