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HI all.

I´m going on tour with a show in Europe and I need to make subtitles in diferent languages that will be screened for the audience in sync with a mov playing (sepparate displays).

So I have this subtitle file .xls file I´ve pulled out of DVDsp:

00:05:54:21 , 00:05:57:14 , I don't understand it 00:05:58:01 , 00:06:00:07 , Time flies so fast 00:06:00:07 , 00:06:04:06 , that it almost stands still

etc..I have about 1000 lines

So first I need to build something QC understands. I´ve been trying to export into .cvs then convert to .plist with

But I get a plist that yelds nothing in Kineme Structure from file.

So in short: how do I make a structure in QC from an excel file?