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Hi All,

I am trying to make a news ticker, I found a composition that already has this feature but it can not switch to next news article properly. What I want to do is, just show the first news article, both title and description, title stay still and description will crawl from right to left. When the first article went out of display, I want to switch to next one.

It is easy to send news article after specific interval, but what I found difficult is, how to tell application that this article has finished and now stop scrolling, and then switch to next article. I tried to simulate a delay mechanism or switch with javascript, but it wasn't successful.

It is difficult to say, now we have a new article, go and scroll one time, when done jump to next news and start scrolling. The interpolation mechanism should be in loop to work. If I use External Timebase, and try to control it with Stop Watch, then problem is how to start and reset that stop watch properly. I can't find any way to do that.

Both compositions that I have attached here, I found it here or through Google and unfortunately I can't remember the name of authors, so credit for most of sections goes to them.

Any help would be appreciated.