Cube patch plus camera controls

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Hi! I'm looking to hire someone to help with a quartz composition. We need to be able to add controllable virtual camera to the standard QC cube patch. We're not able to get the perspective/focal length quite right with the Cube position controls alone. (This is a projection mapping project that requires using the QC cube with VDMX layers projected onto a real cube that rotates).

This is time sensitive, and we are really looking for someone to help today or tomorrow if possible!

If you think you can help, please write to me at today and let me know what fee you think is fair and I can describe the project a little better. It's a four person DIY art installation and our budget is limited, but this is a really important problem we need help fixing!

Thanks in advance. -Wiley

Merge Path

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I am trying to achieve Merge Path effect as it is shown in the picture below. So basically if two white cubes will move in the opposite direction and when they are in front of each other they will get black colour. Is there any plugin that will make it easier to achieve this, or how can I achieve without plugins

Does Gifs works on newer versions of QC? Gifs in 3D Cubes.

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Hi. I posted this same thread some time ago in another QC forum and didn't got a way to make it work.

Was wondering if somebody here could do this or had any tip for rendering the Gif to a cube. I'm going to copy and paste the post from the previous Forum. Thanks!

I've been doing some Gifs, and been trying to get them into a 3D cube (one into each horizontal side) with no success at all. (The Gif is set there but with no movement).

Seems that the only "trick" is in the settings of the gif to apply "Extract all images", that's the only constant I've seen.

I tried a couple of easy as 3 steps tutorials, but none have worked so far.


Does anyone has the same problem or has somebody cracked this and has a running composition with Gifs in Sprites, Billboards or Cubes?

Thanks a bunch!

Polygon Cube w/o cross beam

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I am wondering how to render a cube without the diagonal cross section?

Did this somehow change recently? I have been able to do it before but it seems now that it comes standard with the diagonal cross section. I need to get rid of this for aesthetic reasons. How can I do this like as in the 1024 camera perspective example?

bending cylinders

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hello i'd like to bend cylinders, simplistically, so they look like ')' or '(' rather than '|' which is the limit for both the renderer and iDVD patch cylinders. i'm looking for the most efficient way possible to do this and am wondering if there is a shortcut i've yet to discover.

thanks s