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Release: WiiMote Control, v20080111 (0.3)

Release Type: Production
Version: 20080111 (0.3)
Release Notes

This is a public beta of our updated WiiMote control patch. Since there isn't one for Leopard yet, I figure this will at least help you get started before it gets to production. This patch adds support for the nunchuk, and partial support for the Classic Controller. It also adds raw IR output support. All of these options are available under the inspector panel. Some of the classic controller buttons don't work or report bogus values. This is due to the underlying framework in use; I'm looking into this.

It's not stable, but I've made considerable efforts to make it stable. Please supply me with crash reports, as well as any other noticed odd behaviour.

Normally I'm not a fan of public betas, but we'll see how this one goes :)

Beta testers: This is identical to the 20080105 version, so you don't need to upgrade.