Help with quartz builder and third party plugins

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so im trying to make an app using tom butterworths datamosh(glitch art) beta plugin. when i first brought my composition into the QuartzBuilder template, it did not run at all, somthing happend, i dont know what, maybe it was destructive but it runs in the quartz composition now. but when exporting the app, the audio plays but the video does not. i have added the datamosh beta plugin as a resource. im not sure what is going on.

if someone can help that would be great, i can send you all the files if necessary, but instruction and knowledge would be appreciated too. this is somthing ive been trying to get working for a while, so if you can help me make it work, i will be more than happy to reward via paypal or equivalent.

respond here or email me :

XML and streaming data display

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so i have been working on/off on this project whenever i want to add a feature or use a new video -- it works good. however, i ran into an issue.

I send a command to the terminal via TCP socket client to run a little program that interfaces with the usb stick receiver. It listens for the data on port 8168, and when its just the HR, it is all fine. however, i use another program to see the data in realtime and it also is getting the cadence and speed data in XML over the same port. my string truncate is seeing different data, and the output is not right.

now, I would like to use that data, but I am unsure as to how to get it, since it all comes over the same port, and my work is all in strings to truncate, etc to then display it. so i am not parsing the XML, and the extra data is now messing up my HR display. I'd like to use that data somehow.

This is complicated by the fact that both Cadence and Speed values I am interested in are reported as "RPM" so using a string components tool is getting complicated.

any ideas?

Tik Tok - A/V Remix

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This is something where I wanted to remix a song as well as the video, for fun. I used Logic for the remix, and QC for the video.

I stripped the vocal from the original track, did a little tweaking on it, and added in different instrumentation. Then I took the video and did an assortment of glitches, v002, and datamoshing.

HRM data to QC

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hi. i am new here and I am obsessed with turning my HRM data into real-time graphics. I have the sparkfun polar board and it is all working quite well in processing over the serial/usb port (FTDI drivers)

i am trying to use the serial IO plugin to get the heartrate and graph to display in QC. any help would be appreciated, and I look forward to sharing what I have learned.

Quartz 4.0 exporting live video input composition for quicktime...

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Hi, Im trying to get a functional Quartz composition with safe video input and midi input working in modul8... Ive got a composition that should work, but when I use it in any other application, its dark, and reacts to the midi differently.. Any ideas?

Ive attached it... you will need the vade plugin

and the safe kineme midi and video patches...

Im using Quartz 4.0, snow leapord, and quicktime Pro...

Is it just not possible with these builds?

Also... This plugin - stoped working when I upgraded to 4.0 Quartz... is that avoidable, or does Tom B have to upgrade the plugin for 4.0 functionality? :

thank you!!!