Once again it's demotime! \o/

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Yep, early august is time for the 2nd major demo party of the year: assembly in finland. This is a massive party in a big sports arena, but it's mixed with a gamer/lan party (the sight of which fills the average demoscener with disgust, but hey it wouldn't be the same without them :)

So, on with the demos. I'll post links to the executables (mostly PC/Windows unfortunately), youtube videos (good for a quick scan) and high quality videos (MP4, large files, 720p, but well worth the download for the quality.. youtube's compression seriously KILLS some of these!)

First, the 'main event', the demo competition itself. The rules here are pretty open: it must run realtime on a current high end PC, and I think the size limit is 128mb.

Happiness is Around the Bend by ASD. This won the compo. 8 minutes of amazing work, great effects and art. Executable: Youtube: Video:

Ceasefire (all falls down..) by Fairlight. Came 2nd. This is Smash's work, and is technically awesome as usual. Everything is rendered using particles.. millions of particles, with lighting, fluid effects and texturing, in realtime. Good artwork + music too. Executable: [warning: needs a VERY high end video card!] Youtube: Video:

Koiban by Satori. Came 7th, but it's not a natural party-friendly demo like the others so this is actually a very good ranking for this kind of demo. It's software rendered and needs a fast CPU (3ghz core 2 or an i5/7 is a good idea, the engine isn't yet threaded so multicore won't help). Satori do very cool psychadelic art stuff, the kind of effects we often make in QC. Executable: Youtube (NOT recommended for this one, it just can't cope with the number of lines ;) Video:

The current high end in realtime effects...

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...or the winners of the demo competition at the breakpoint demoscene party, as it's sometimes known :)

Just thought I'd share some of these, as a lot of people here are into realtime 3d and fx, and the skills on show this year are pretty incredible. If you've not come across 'demoscene' stuff before, this is basically a competition for realtime graphics/effects, similar to what we do with QC but with a few differences: - A demo is (normally) fixed length, non-interactive, and comes as an executable. - It's programmed by a coder, usually with graphics from 1+ 2d/3d artists, and a sound track by a musician. - You're not allowed to use other people's work.. i.e. everything has to be written exclusively for the demo, including the music. It has to be a new demo too - you can't show the same demo at multiple parties (at least in the competitions). - There's a bunch of rules on file size (depending on the competition, this time it's 128mb for a full demo down to 4kb (total!) for the 4k competition), platform (pc, amiga and c64 are common competition platforms, mac is under represented), time limit (8 minutes) etc.

So, the demos. All of these are PC/windows unless I state otherwise, but there's a video of each. First, the demo competition winner, Agenda Circling Forth by Fairlight & CNCD. It's made entirely from particles. (link to the binary at the bottom.. but be warned, it's going to need a VERY high end PC to run it..)

Next, 2nd place. Rove by Farbrausch. Landscapes, flocking, procedural animation.. stuff we've seen plenty of here. I've done effects like these myself using QC even.. but on such a tiny scale by comparison that I think I'll just delete those particular experiments now :(

4th place was 'Wir sind einstein' (we are einstein) by United Force & Digital Dynamite. Comparatively low tech (and lo-fi too), but in a very cool way.

Vokawardoai by Satori only managed 5th, but they're not exactly 'mainstream'. They're a group some love and some hate, but they push my buttons. This is also a very "possible in QC" type demo - it's pure 2D effects. (or for a link to the binary)

Some 4KB demos next. They're 4KB total file size, including all audio and visuals.. the screenshot is usually 10x bigger than the demo ;)

'Nasa' by Still first. Good atmosphere and sound in this one I think.

Next, 'Darwinism' by Archee. Not really all that pretty, and the sound is pretty bad. But the code is really interesting. It's physics-based animation, and the 'creature' learns to walk/crawl/faceplant/eventually catch the butterfly using a genetic algorithm. According to the info file, it runs 720 simulations of different possible versions of each sequence in parallel in the background, but only shows the best one.

'Ergon' by Frequency. This is 'raymarching', a popular technique at the moment. The whole thing is raytraced on the GPU using only a few fragment shaders. The maths involved is VERY scary ;)

Lastly, 'IKA-20' by Loonies. Simple effects but great design + sync. I think this one is actually possible in QC. It's actually running on an Amiga computer though.. with 32MB of memory and a CPU roughly equivalent to a pentium 60mhz. This seems to be the best video available unfortunately, but it's cool to catch a bit of the party atmosphere (it looks small in the video, but there was probably 1000+ people attending over 4 days..)

I'll add more if there's interest (and when the video captures become available...) I was too busy to go unfortunately, as it's the last ever breakpoint (I'm sure there'll be something new to replace it next year). Anyone else here manage to visit?