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User string input

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Dear forum, I'm developing a composition for a university exam. I'd like to build a string that user can modify by keyboard generating a specific directory scanner. So I'd like to call a specific 3d file sited into a folder by typing on keyboard. I'd also like to specify tags/categories for each folder because of the specific question that user will make typing.

I've already set a part of the string using the directory scanner patch, so the user can just define the last word of the input string. What I miss is to call the second part of the string, that in this case will contains .dae files, or folders containing jpg.

Thanks in advance, kind regards.


Directory Scanner question ???

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I'd like to determine whether the Quartz Composer Directory Scanner patch is able to scan images from a folder posted online. My objective is to run a slideshow from images posted online. The Image Importer patch in my composition is calling up images from my online folder one at a time but directing the Directory Scanner to that folder isn't working. Perhaps I've configured something incorrectly or perhaps I'm trying to make the Directory Scanner do something it just doesn't do. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Apple Double Files - causing problems with Directory Scanner

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I'm just wondering if anyone else has come across this bug. I have 6 mac minis all running the same app, which were all copied onto the machines from the same (FAT32 formatted) memory key. 5 are running fine, but on 1 the apple double files (._) are being picked up as images by the directory scanner.

I am going to try using a HFS formatted key to copy the files across, but just wondering if anyone else has seen this, and whether its Quartz specific, or a system level problem.