Apple's Image Exporter Plugin

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I want to be able to write images out of QC and Apple's "Image Exporter" plugin is a good start. Unfortunately, it does not allow for custom file names, only the path. Files are always called "Image-00001.png" and the index is increased every time a new image is written.

I tried to muck around with the plugin source code to change it that the path input is used as path + filename. but it turned out i do not know enough about c#, tried but could not figure it out.

i know it is very simple, this is the relevant code snippet:

fileURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:[Bad link]];
imageDestination = (fileURL ? CGImageDestinationCreateWithURL((CFURLRef)fileURL, kUTTypePNG, 1, NULL) : NULL);

how do i change it to use self.inputPath as the path and filename?

plugin xcode source: http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/samplecode/ImageExporter/Introduc...

thx for your help

New plugin - export to movie

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I'd like to announce availability of new plugin/patch - Export to Movie


You can put your composition inside "Render to Image" patch and send it's output as image input to "Export to Movie" patch.

Example composition using this patch: http://quartzcomposer.com/patches/332-export-to-movie-example

Mirek Rusin

QuartzBuilder Why is the Export button disabled

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Hey all

I have just downloaded QuartzBuilder and ran the application. But the Export button is greyed out and I don't know why.

I have

  • Dragged in a composition
  • Filled in the App Name field
  • Filled in the App Version field
  • Filled in the App Version field
  • Filled in the identifier field
  • Filled in the copyright field
  • Filled in the Help URL field

The resource inspector sees my custom plugin and a gif file. (it doesn't see all the pngs).

In advanced settings i have

  • Filled in the Window Autosave Name (What is this by the way?
  • Filled in the Default Window Dimensions
  • Disabled full screen
  • Clicked Borderless

Is there something I am missing.



Side note: There is no quartz builder link in your documentation page.